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Letter: GOP suppressing an avenue of democracy

Staff Writer
The Apalach Times

The Republican-controlled government in Florida is again making it more difficult for citizens to produce ballot initiatives. The Orwellian reason given is because they're concerned that "big money" can buy questions onto the ballot, but since these questions are mostly ones the GOP Statehouse opposes, and that money is being spent on fighting and not supporting them, the intent is clear.

Frustrated that the legislature has ignored their will, the people are working to be able to choose to ban assault weapons, raise the minimum wage, deregulate utilities, expand Medicaid, and legalize marijuana, and these questions are likely to pass. Hence the efforts by Republicans to suppress this avenue of democracy.

There IS one question supported by big money and Republicans: the one that will make it law that only citizens can vote, which is actually already the law, and is nothing but a cynical wedge tactic designed to motivate their xenophobic base and nothing else. This is not how the ballot initiative process is meant to be used, but hey, until the Republicans can do away with it completely, they are putting it to good use.

Claude Maddox

Westford, Massachusetts

Wintering on St George Island