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The Poet's Voice: More Than Fair To Middling

By Melicent Remy Guest Poet

A tribute to the late Debe Beard

The Poet's Voice

She passed just before the day of hearts,

So tragic that she had to part;

And may the memory of her always

Be a soulful richness to this land,

For she knew it well and loved it,

And always felt it grand.

Her many years in Town here,

The many miles of land she walked,

She recited depth full history,

And made it sensually talk.

Of native peoples,

Indian village and shore,

She dug deeply into history,

And learned so well the lore.

Spaniards, Explorers,

Slaves, Free Blacks, too;

Lumberjacks and Merchants,

Fishermen and Farmers,

Of these many, yes, she knew.

All of these, then later comers,

She studied and learned some more;

She knew their grand stories,

She knew their life-long score.

She could document, project online,

Or per occasion publicly speak,

Her constitution and willful stature

Always mindful, never meek.

She could in local tavern,

Serve drink to visitors off the street,

Or to party and symposium

And to townsfolk whom she'd greet.

She did love and she did mother,

Soothe in support her common brother;

She had long-term mate and friends,

Lived in Town just around the bend.

And we thought it'd be a long time

Before life for this lovely talent

Would abruptly come to end.

Though there will never be another,

So many will hold memory close to heart,

For she so very special

Who somehow had to part.

 - Melicent Remy

Feb. 11, 2021