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Letters: Parents have a right to school choice

The Apalachicola Times

Our Nov. 12 edition of the Apalachicola Times was again the epitome of a good community newspaper. The tribute to our vets, Blessing of the Fleet and the tribute to Alex Trebek were superb. Now here comes the however part, and I address this directly to our editor in his editorial "Our View: Thank you Traci, hello Steve.”

First, his column was very well-written but he made a few errors. Ms. Moses-Yoder’s four-year term produced mediocre results, but our editor stated, "It was not for want of trying.” Well, Toby Keith has a song "If you’re tryin' you ain't" (Toby got that line from the OU football trainer). Mediocre is a bowl of cold grits.

Letters to the Editor

Our editor continues, "and now as the breezes waft away the acrid gunsmoke that hovered over the campaign battlefield.” What does that mean? Does that make Steve Lanier Marshal Dillon? Ok, then there is a new marshal in town, Miss Kitty.

Now to the big one where I really disagree with our editor (and a friend, by the way). Our editor stated, "Ms. Yoder worked diligently to stem the tide of students leaving for neighboring districts, a troubling situation made worse by the state's decision to allow unfettered school choice.” Of course, Ms. Yoder worked to stop students leaving; I get that. But parents have the right to "unfettered" school choice, because to think otherwise means that some force (aka government) supersedes the parents. Nothing should supersede parents for their children. Well, call me old-fashioned, but I think that the parents need to be in charge of their children's education and let it be "unfettered.”

But our editor is right when he states that our county has "placed its trust in a new superintendent" and "we wish Mr. Lanier all the best.” We as citizens of Franklin County depend on our elected officials, so let's congratulate our Sherriff A.J. Smith, Clerk Michele Maxwell, Commissioners Jessica Ward and Noah Lochley, Mr. Rick Watson and Steve Lanier for their November elections.

We need these folks for sure, however, our citizens, our editor and I will be watching. (So will Festus, Miss Kitty and Doc over there at the Long Branch Saloon.)

Dr. Mikel Tuten