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William Frederick Lindsey, M.D

The Apalach Times
The Apalach Times

William Frederick Lindsey, M.D., born Dec. 11, 1927 in Lenox, Georgia, passed peacefully in his sleep on April 11, 2020 in Tallahassee.

He was the son of William Robert Lindsey and Fannie Belle Gray Lindsey, who died when he was age 4. His father several years later was remarried to Mary Wilson, a schoolteacher who urged Fred to study hard and to continue his education.

in their small town in South Georgia, Fred grew up happily with older brother, J.W., and sister, Annie V., who, in the absence of his mother helped raise him. After school and during the summers, from when he was a young boy, he worked on his father's farm. He would drive truckloads of produce to markets in Jacksonville and Orlando, Atlanta and as far away as New York City. He fished every fishing hole in the county and occasionally saw a Roy Rogers movie. He learned about stock investment from his grandfather Gray and he began buying stock as a teenager with his earnings.

He attended Gordon Military College in Barnesville, Georgia, and after graduating in 1944, attended Gordon Junior College and later Emory University in Atlanta, where he studied science and intended to attend medical school. After his first semester, he was drafted into the U.S. Army and sent to occupied Japan in 1947 after the conclusion of World War II. After serving as a 2nd lieutenant, he returned to earn an undergraduate degree from Emory.

While teaching physics and chemistry at Gordon in the late 1940s, Fred met the love of his life and future wife, Jimmie Franklin Moore, who was attending Bessie Tift College. Jimmie grew up on a farm near Adel, Georgia, about 10 miles from Fred’s home in Lenox, but they had not met before. Jimmie’s mother heard Fred had a car and was driving back to Gordon and asked if her daughter could ride with Fred back to school.

“I was scared to talk to any female at first, but we made several trips,” Fred recalled recently. “Once she got that free trip, she was ready to get another one.” This began a deeply loving and caring relationship that would last more than 70 years. For the rest of his life, nothing meant as much to him as Jimmie did.

After graduation from Emory with a bachelor of arts in 1949, Fred attended Georgia Medical College in Augusta, and graduated in 1954. During this time, Jimmie and he were married on June 22, 1952 in Adel. She supported him working as a schoolteacher while he completed medical school, internship and residency. They had five children over the next 12 years.

Fred finished his radiologist training in Augusta and in 1959 moved his family to Tallahassee, where he became a board-certified radiologist and joined Dr. David McCulloch to form what is now Radiology Associates. They were soon joined by Drs. George Bonk and Don Hansard and eventually more than 25 radiologists, as well as office and technical staff.

Fred sought to be the best, most effective radiologist he could be, serving on many boards and active in improving healthcare services in Tallahassee. He was president of the Florida Radiological Society, was appointed to the state board of health and actively participated in the Capital Medical Society, for which he was instrumental in obtaining a building that serves as its main office. He is one of only three emeritus members of the Society. He was chief of the medical staff of Tallahassee Memorial Hospital in 1969-70, and was particularly proud of his work to get the first Cobalt unit and CT scanner to North Florida in the early 1970s. In 1974, he was named a fellow by the American College of Radiology.

He worked at TMH until he retired in 1999 after 40 years, and following that worked at the Veterans Administration outpatient clinic as a part-time radiologist. During those years at the VA, he greatly enjoyed working with the staff and helping fellow veterans. Fred retired from the practice of radiology in 2008, after 49 years.

Fred was equally passionate about his private commercial interests and market investments. After returning from Japan, he co-founded with his older brother the Dixie Oil Company of Tifton, Georgia, incorporated in 1951. He did this with earnings saved from the Army, and together with his brother and cousin, built the company to more than 100 gasoline station and convenience store locations.

During his lifetime, he invested and was a partner in various business and real estate ventures, including as one of the founders of Innovation Park in Tallahassee. He sat on the boards and invested in many local businesses, including several locally owned banks. Fred and Jimmie co-founded Forest Meadows Racquet Club in Tallahassee, which is now owned by the city.

He was a tremendous inspiration to his five children, and pushed them to succeed in education and their careers. Following his advice was something that will be forever remembered and appreciated.

Jimmie was the love of his life. He always said he could not have succeeded without her backing and support. He wanted her next to him until the very end, and she was. Their 70-year love affair was the foundation of their lives together. His family produced a lot of joy in his life and he liked to recall various stories of when he and his family laughed together at home, down at Shell Point, or on a family trip overseas or to the western United States.

Fred’s oldest and youngest sons and a young granddaughter predeceased him. Scott was an attorney in Tallahassee and passed in 2009. Brett followed his father’s footsteps at Emory and the Medical College of Georgia to become a radiologist. He passed in 2015 and his young daughter Caroline passed in 2018. Fred was extremely proud of his sons’ accomplishments, missed having their company and the company of his granddaughter, and looked forward to seeing them again in heaven.

Fred’s survivors include Jimmie, his best friend, mother of his children and beloved wife of 68 years; three children, Fredda, Bob and David, and their spouses John, Angela and Stephen; eight grandchildren, Andrea, Ross, Graham, Josh, Ashley, Madeline, Fred and Emma; two great grandchildren, Laila and Zelda; his two younger half-brothers Robert Wayne Lindsey and James Delma Lindsey; as well as numerous nephews and nieces that he loved. He is also survived by his loyal family friend, Rosa Ervin.

Due to public health circumstances, a formal funeral service was not held. Immediate family attended a private graveside service at Roselawn Cemetery in Tallahassee on April 17. The family will hold a memorial service for Fred’s larger family and friends as soon as circumstances allow.

Rocky Bevis of Bevis Funeral Home is assisting the Lindsey family with their arrangements.