Only $39 for one year.
Only $39 for one year.

Barber awarded island civic club scholarship

Rob Pierce Special to
the Times
The Apalach Times

Cale Barber, a member of Franklin County High School’s Class of 2020, is the inaugural recipient of the St. George Island Civic Club’s Eric Roberts Scholarship.

The $500 scholarship is in remembrance of Eric Roberts, who served as a Civic Club officer and communications person for many years. To qualify, a student preferably selects a major in some form of communications.

As part of his application, Barber submitted an essay “The Value of Quality Communication in Democracy and Daily Life.” In his well-written composition, he addresses the importance of strong communication skills in one’s ability to discern truth from propaganda, and of being an active participant in communication.

Asked how he developed his communication skills and interest in communications, he credited not only his teachers at Franklin County School, but also his mother, Donna Barber, a longtime teacher who now serves as one of the school’s deans.

“She has made it a priority to expose me to many, many different places and experiences, through travel, discussion, and debate,” he said. “She has taught me much about cultural awareness, about politics, and about the human condition.”

Cale expressed his gratitude and said that he would “work diligently to make the scholarship committee proud.”

The SGI Civic Club Eric Roberts Scholarship will be available to a deserving local senior again in 2021.

Rob Pierce is a member of the SGI Civic Club.