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As low as 99¢ for the first month

County opens beaches, boat ramps

David Adlerstein
The Apalach Times

By unanimous consent, Franklin County commissioners voted Friday morning to lift all restrictions on beaches and boat ramps, effective at noon today.

In addition, they supported a request by State Rep. Jason Shoaf to write a letter to Gov. Ron DeSantis asking him to lift the ban on short-term vacation rentals.

On Thursday evening, the Carrabelle commissioners agreed to let their restrictions on the city boat ramps sunset, in keeping with the terms of the emergency ordinance, which said limitations on boat ramp use would end automatically upon the expiration of the states of emergency declared by the state and county.

Gov. DeSantis has extended the Florida state of emergency for 60 days, with some modifications, and the county state of emergency also remains in effect. The county’s boat ramp limitation order is contained in a separate ordnance, which was repealed. It is not clear if Carrabelle’s boat ramp limitations remain in effect without the city having repealed its ordinance Thursday night.

Carrabelle has opened city parks today for walking and playing tennis. City playgrounds and public restrooms remain closed; one restroom near the Marine Street boat ramp remains open during daylight hours only.

On May 18, Carrabelle’s city staff will return to regular business hours at their offices in City Hall, with the lobby open to the public, but staff offices closed to the public.

“All non-essential meetings will be conducted by phone,” said La Paz.

Plans are to hold a special commission meeting in the chambers, with the public in attendance, on Thursday, May 28.