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Someone’s turning 40

The Apalachicola Times

Someone’s turning 40, an age that used to be

Way past prime, but 40 isn’t old if you are a tree.

And 40 isn’t old for a rock, a relic, or a piece of chert.

But for some people, OMG, 40 is older than dirt.

Erin Griffith, as a child
Erin Griffith

At 40, you’ll be happy to be in bed and close your eyes.

Because, at 40, it’s natural to be up at sunrise.

So, now, when you choose between drinks and parties, surely

Pick the one that gets you home early.

And if your husband starts turning off the light,

It’s not for romance; he’s just becoming money tight.

And here’s another thought for which you must contend -

Forty is halfway between diapers and Depends.

This could go on and on,

But the author will get in trouble before too long.

So, here’s to a cheery ending rhyme,

It’s simply, “Happy Birthday, Shine.”

 - Alan Pierce