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The Poet’s Voice

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The Apalach Times
The Apalach Times

I'm So Looking Forward

I'm so looking forward to following orders

As our wise and safe governor opens the borders

As restaurants reopen and we crowd all the bars

Laughing if tipsy at emotional scars

Oh, yes, what fun we'll have after all this time off

We'll dance and regale and ignore the odd cough

And another and another and another and another

Oh, look at the change in your very own mother

We're safe, we'll get tested, isn't that right?

Otherwise, how will I sleep at night?

Tourists are all over in the usual bad clothes

But some of them are funky and I'd swear one glows

And so it will spread like a smoke or a fog

Until it has all of us and every kitten and dog

While the President busies himself with the latest pardon

We'll know the pleasure feeling our mucous harden

And as we collapse one by one

Some will grab one last loaded gun

People kill people, so fine, whatever

May that last bullet sail true, sail clever

And middle-class albatross or heck, just the state

Will forever be known with the title "the late."

So, fellow Floridians, let Hope fool you deep

And may you enjoy that eternal dark sleep

With one or two nightmares added for scare

Like that ghoul Anita Bryant hawking Tupperware!

- Frederic Kahler

Peace and Justice

When will the hungry and poor, victims and prisoners be heard?

When will their voices, sounding hopeless and weak, not

Fall on deaf ears or stone cold hearts?

They resound through the ages on the wings of a dove,

In the murmur of the brook and the sigh of the breeze.

If you listen closely you’ll hear their cries

belonging to the ages and waiting to be heard.

Peace and Justice are our names and we are waiting to be heard. But, silently, silently you stand by and fail to speak our names out loud.

Sisters and brothers in anguish now,

blood being shed, tears flowing in pain.

If you hear their voices, what will you do?

For they belong to Jesus

Just like we do.

Jesus is the voice that cannot be denied.

The still small voice that

whispers in your heart.

If you listen closely you’ll hear him say:

“My sister, oh my brother

I am waiting to be heard.

For Peace and Justice are My names and I am waiting to hear Your voice. So, tenderly, tenderly speak my name and be my Love in the world today.

- Words and music, dedicated to the Holy Trinity, by Marilyn McCann