The new Seahawk boys soccer coach is excited about the upcoming season, although he knows it’s going to take some work to pull off a winning season.

Against Bozeman Tuesday night, the Franklin County boys lost 5-0,their second loss against one tie.

“We were aggressive and competitive throughout,” said Hayden Warren. “An opposing player even stopped mid-game to tell me on the bench that we had tough, athletic, and competitive boys.

“We are trying so very hard to instill a culture of competitiveness and respect with these boys, no matter the score at the end of the game,” said Warren.

The boys opened Nov. 13 on the road against Quincy Munroe, and came home with a hard-fought 2-2 draw. The following evening they host Port St. Joe, in windy and rainy conditions, and fell 7-0.

The roster includes three seniors, a handful of underclassmen, a 12-year-old and two 11-year-olds, but Warren knows the boys have what it takes to knock out some wins.

“This is a determined and powerful bunch with a love for competition and a passion for their teammates,” he said.

The three seniors, Zander McCalpin #33, Levi Bilbo #24 and Jayden Justice #1, anchor the team, with three juniors, Devin Daniels #15, Francisco Juan #3 and Schuyler Donahoe #25, right behind.

Two sophomores, Alex Itzkovitz #13 and Michael Square #11, are developing, as are the four freshmen, Arav Patel #10, Ethan Shirley #6, Eugenio Sebastian #4 and Luis Ramirez #9.

ABC eighth grader William Chipman #16 is joined by ABC seventh grade Shlok Patel #26, seventh grade home schooler Garyson Millender #8, and seventh grader Jayden Gray #2 formed the middle school chunk of the varsity, along with sixth grader Sean Gray #64 and ABC sixth grader Kingston Williams #7.

Franklin County Boys Soccer Schedule

Thursday, Nov 21 vs. Wakulla

Friday, Nov. 22 vs. St. John Paul II

Monday, Nov. 25 @ Port St. Joe

Monday, Dec. 2 @ St. John Paul II

Tuesday, Dec. 3 @ Bozeman

Wednesday, Dec. 4 @ Rickards

Thursday, Dec. 12 To Be Announced

Tuesday, Jan. 7 @ Gadsden County

Wednesday, Jan. 8 vs. Rickards

Friday, Jan. 10 vs. Munroe

Wednesday, Jan. 15 @ Taylor County

Thursday, Jan. 16 vs. Gadsden County

Monday, Jan. 20 vs. Munroe

Friday, Jan. 24 @ Wakulla