I watched the commission meeting, Tuesday, June 16, on YouTube and was not impressed with what I saw. It took me back to the fight we had with our water district. At that time we got very little, if any, help from the county with the injustices going on in Lanark Village at that time. I have always felt the county was fighting against us. Why I can only guess, but thank God we came out on top.

I think we should have term limits for the people in county jobs that make and enforce the laws, along with the lawyers and planners that are getting paid by the taxpayers in the county. Maybe then things would get taken care of in a timely manner and we could get some new blood sitting on that stage, getting things taken care of instead of the good ol’ boys club.

It seems (Commissioner) Bert (Boldt) has not gotten into the club as yet. Watching the meeting, he seemed to be odd man out, and he is not getting the problem on Enabob Street taken care of .He cannot do it alone and the rest of you that make the laws and not follow up on them, I feel the rest of you are as much to blame as Bert for not making things right in Lanark Village. Why should we pay the taxes we pay and get nothing in return?

I sent this email to the commissioners before their meeting on June 16 to make sure they knew of the problems we face in the district of commissioner Boldt, and again I feel he was odd man out as I sat for the entire meeting, three-plus hours. Mr. Boldt spoke for a very short time at the end of the meeting, a very short time, and very little was said about code enforcement, a central yard trash pickup area with cameras to get law breakers for dumping other than yard debris.

They put "No Dumping" signs on Oak Street but the signs meant nothing as most have been taken down and the dumping still happens on most of Oak Street in Lanark village. Like I said, commissioners make the laws but have no one to enforce them, or the ones they pay to enforce them are not doing what they are paid to do, or do not know how to do the job they are paid to do.

I think my thought is, why can’t we get things done in Lanark Village for the tax dollars we pay to the county? I thought it was the county commissioners’ job to take care of the problems of the people in the county as it is our tax dollars they are spending and I think that most of us feel we are not getting our dollars’ worth.

David Kight