In reading the June 11 issue of the Apalachicola Times, two articles prompted my letter. First, it is saddening to read that the July 4th fireworks have been canceled by the City of Carrabelle (See “Carrabelle cancels Fourth of July fireworks.”) Evidently a hold harmless agreement (coronavirus) is the culprit and the city attorney has advised against it. The mayor and the attorney are surely doing their jobs but, if our Founding Fathers had consulted attorneys, they would surely have advised against signing the Declaration of Independence, not to mention the Revolutionary War.

Second, I am troubled with the balloting for the school referendum to renew the half-mill property tax (See ‘County weighs in on school referendum.”) Evidently the special mail ballot cost approximately $19,000, of which the Times reported, "The school board is funding the election...” Not so fast, my friend. The school board does not fund anything, we taxpayers do.

Since we have an election scheduled for August 18, I view this special ballot as a waste of taxpayer's money. Yes, I understand that the current tax rate expires on/about June 30, and the insatiable financial appetite of government must have that six weeks of money. But to spend $19,000 because you can't wait until August 18 is not only wrong, it's fiscal mismanagement. I have reluctantly voted no. (By the way, what happens if the referendum does not pass? The $19,000 has been spent.)

Dr. Mikel Tuten