Last week’s guest column, “Is this about the election or the virus?” by Harold Pease (See May 28 Times) is such a collection of ignorance and misinformation that I have rarely witnessed.

First, he downplays the seriousness of the COVID-19 pandemic by comparing with the past, rather than acknowledging past pandemics are precisely why our epidemiologists are concerned about this one. He seems quite ready to deny the accumulated knowledge of medical science although he has expertise in the Constitution, which frankly, does not qualify him to form a medical judgement.

Like the President, he chooses to compare COVID-19 to the flu, like a very bad flu season. Again, there were good reasons why the authorities in China, aggressively locked down their cities. This virus was very bad indeed, very contagious and very deadly, and has had worldwide consequences. To diminish this fact is disingenuous at best, better said, is just silly.

Pease seems to think that the Democrats want to politicize the pandemic for their electoral benefit, that they must want to harm the economy in order to win in November. This is where Pease gets really silly.

On the other hand, there are genuine reasons for Pease and others to worry about November. The GOP and its administration have handled this pandemic in a randomly chaotic and almost disruptive manner. They left the wheelhouse during the gale. The president spent hours railing at the press, providing no succor, no direction, no leadership. Instead, he has chosen to blame China, as if his administration was not amply warned that trouble was coming.

I’m sorry to say, but the Pease kind of nonsense is pretty widespread. It is a kind of virus itself, but here, the cure really is isolation.

Ted Tripp