I am writing in response to your guest column in the Apalachicola Times by Harold Pease (See May 28 issue “Is this about the election or the virus?”) I would like to start by saying that I have monitored comments on Facebook and found that I am not alone in my assessment that this is a capricious editorial with the singular purpose of supporting the re-election of President Donald Trump.

Does Pease really believe that we think whether the 100,000-plus Americans who died from or as a result of COVID-19 really matters? We just grieve their deaths.

How can he say that governors who are Democrats transferred elders with COVID-19 to less competent facilities and hastened their deaths? Who fact checked his claim?

Hydroxychloroquine is a standard, approved medication for both malaria and lupus but it is not approved by the FDA for most COVID-19 patients. Why does Pease claim that it is a “vastly effective” drug for COVID-19 that is routinely opposed by media outlets?

The clinical separation of people is well-known to be a preventive measure in the spread of novel diseases. Scientists and some of our most responsible leaders promoted the need for the “stay at home” policy as the most effective tool available for slowing the virus as it moved through communities. The government (state and federal) promoted (not required) the closing of much of our economy to slow COVID-19 as it ravaged communities. Why does the author imply that “shutting” down the government was a bad thing? I wish that it had not been necessary but I (quite advanced in age) believe it was an effective deterrent to further spread of the virus. I would rather lose my money than my life, as would many others.

Why does he cleverly wait to the last paragraphs to start unrelated rants about Joe Biden? You do not have to support Biden to understand how Pease answered his own question by “making the column about the election.”

You may be assured that these questions are merely representative and rhetorical. There are many additional half-truths and conspiracy theories in the column. I am fairly certain the editor of the paper believed this would be a well-received column in Franklin County, but I for one found it most offensive and just one offended reader is one too many.

Martha Hodge

St. George Island