In the April 2 issue of the Apalachicola Times, the letter of Ms. Brenda Karlin (“Commissioners should create ‘Adopt A Business’ fund.”) called for the Franklin County Commissioners to "give" 20 percent of their salaries to a fund for private businesses and employees. I respectfully disagree for several reasons.

First, we are in a time of crisis. There is no need to wield a hammer when thoughtfulness just might prevail on many fronts. Second, we need them at their utmost as part of our collective response and later, recovery. So let's not "punish" them. Third, you can't legislate morality, kindness or contributions (the latter would be a tax). Why don't we insist on a county "kindness" ordinance? How much good would that do? Kind of reminds me of the old Western movies when an attack was imminent and everyone had to band together. That instinct just might work today --- Circle the Wagons !

Now to the masks. I am a huge proponent of wearing a face mask when you must leave your house. I fully understand that the cloth or synthetic masks will not positively stop viral spread due to material and custom fit. I get that. But it has a collateral effect that I think goes unsaid. When you go to the store, wearing a mask, and you exchange money or use the "electronic" pen to sign the receipt, the mask will remind You to wash your hands thoroughly before touching your face inadvertently.

On a personal note, I have always enjoyed the Times and the letters. I have especially enjoyed "sparring" with our editor and Mr. Ted Tripp. I wish them great safety and hope to "mix it up again" when this pandemic has subsided and I can go out and report back on our county's wonderful craft beer and chicken wings.

Dr. Mikel Tuten