I have read a couple of opinions in the paper, sounds like scared people, the very thing we are not to be as it brings erratic thinking.

A ban on all non-residents in the county is silly. It does not belong to the residents. They reside there, yes, so do others. As one must remember, you can have several residences, but one domicile. If one has several homes, for whatever reason, it is the choice of owners which ones they reside. We are all in this together.

Perhaps it would be of better thinking to have testing centers, with those affected to be tested. Remember, there are no guarantees in life, which we should all be aware of. Would these same people who rely on outside truckers, suppliers, etc., of the very foodstuffs, supplies, etc. that must be brought in, deny them a place to sleep and rest when their mileage quota for the day is met?

We must do as the CDC advises, and other government agencies at present that try and help us with this crisis. It is not the first for our country to face, or the last. Let us operate from strength, not weakness. Remember, we will pull through this too. It is not the end of the world; let us not panic. Let us look to our God and pray. Do you not know He knows what is going on? Be prudent and steadfast, my brothers and sisters.


Michael Whitcomb

Former Bay County resident