On the night of Dec. 7, 2019, my wife Marimar and I were enjoying our first trip to Apalachicola, staying at a neat little cottage owned by Moultrie friends. Earlier in the day we had eaten lunch at “Up the Creek” and drove around the city admiring all its charm and beauty. We were having a ball.

That night, still stuffed with seafood, we decided to stay in with high hopes and big plans to spend all day Sunday exploring the area. About 1:30 in the morning on Dec. 8 (Sunday), I awoke, feeling a little strange. As I made my way to the bathroom, I had a heart attack.

I didn’t know it was a heart attack; I had never had heart issues before, but whatever it was racked me with pain throughout my body and doubled me over. I knew instantly that I needed immediate medical attention.

That Saturday afternoon, as we were riding around, I happened to notice Weems Hospital, only 4 or 5 blocks from the cottage where we were staying. Without hesitation, Marimar and I jumped in the car and made our way to the hospital entrance. I managed to half-walk, half-crawl into the hospital, and was immediately met by several staff.

I am a little fuzzy on exactly what happened next, but I know there were several people instantly attending me. I think a quick preliminary diagnosis was made that I was suffering heart failure. I was started on anti-clotting and thinner medications, and perhaps other drugs to stabilize me. Some kind of blood test was done, and the diagnosis of heart attack was confirmed by the lab results.

At that time, I was loaded into an ambulance and two EMTs transported me (maybe 4 a.m. in the morning) all the way to Tallahassee Memorial Hospital. On Dec. 12, I underwent open heart surgery and remained in intensive care for approximately 10 days. I am very pleased to report that I am recovering and looking forward to many more years of happy living.

I am firmly convinced that if it had not been for the immediate and professional medical care I received at Weems about 2 a.m. on a Sunday morning, that I would not be here today. The staff correctly diagnosed my condition, stabilized me, and transported me immediately to TMH.

I will forever be indebted to Weems and the good people of Apalachicola for saving my life.


Keith Murphy

Moultrie, Georgia