That light, just before twilight, a time of calm and peace, just before the day slips away.

Lane, in her photography is always in the search of that perfect light, elusive but sometimes almost there.

We have a little courtyard with a fire pit in the middle of Apalach, a secluded oasis, a secret garden, solitude. Tonight, as I watched the flickering flames of the fire subside into a marvelous glow, I turned out the lights and looked up at the stars and the moon. I lived through a war, business, political life, so many obligations, so many commitments, so many disappointments, yet with much happiness and love.

And, now all of those things have faded away.

All that is left is love. I thank God that he let me live to be in the gloaming of life, with Lane and family and friends, and peace.

The gloaming, the perfect light, the glow of love; I love the gloaming.

Your friend,

Capt. Gill