This is a Letter to the Editor

With all due respect to the mayors of Apalachicola and Carrabelle, the population with the highest density in Franklin County is Lanark Village, hence the logical place to build this so-called “emergency facility” is in Lanark Village.

However to quote the late great Gen. Howell “As long as the Franklin County commission is involved with the health care of Franklin County, it will be like a Third World country.”

As evidence, simply look at the hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt the county has put itself into these past years. (With all due respect to the right honorable reverend, the current fiscal management of the hospital should serve as a profound embarrassment to each and every commissioner).

At no time in the history of the county commission has there ever been a commissioner with the knowledge, skills or abilities to manage the fiscal responsibility of a hospital.

Wait, Wait – Franklin County already has an “emergency facility;” it is called the Weems Memorial – Primacy and Urgent Care Center, and it has plenty of room to expand on land the county already owns.

And, since the county commission is so hot to move the ambulance service out of the Lanark Village proper, why not move it adjacent to the “emergency facility?”

Imagine going to Sacred Heart and saying to them you already have an “emergency facility” in Franklin County. Simply take it over, retire the debt to the county, charge reasonable fees for usage, and – Voila!

Just think, for the first time in its history, the county commission actually can do something for All the citizens of Franklin County. Of course, this requires the county commissioners to step away from their egos, rescind the “Rural Certificate of Need” and move on.

All of this sounds too logical for the commissioners, so we shall continue along with “Third World health care,” tax-and-spend mentality, muddle, muddle, muddle and continue to try satisfying individual constituents, rather than the citizens at large.

John Hitron, PhD