A letter to the editor

Are we thought of as ignorant, dumb, and uniformed? We do live as good Americans, we are the first to help our fellow men, and we sacrifice for the benefit of our fellow men. But now we’re being asked to not sacrifice for the benefit of our fellow men, no, we’re now expected to sacrifice for the benefit of just one person. We’re now asked to sacrifice everything that matters, and is dear to us, so a developer can profit.

A developer has proposed a zoning change to C-1 to allow him to build an oyster hatchery, and the new zoning will allow other seafood-related businesses. The oyster hatchery is on Alligator Harbor in the old Alligator Point KOA. Located within feet of our homes and land, it will destroy our property values. We’ll now be asked to live with noise, light, and odor pollution 24 hours a day, and put up with increased commercial traffic. We’ll have to live with a daily risk of a catastrophic environmental disaster, toxic chemicals in our backyards, and we’ll worry about a hurricane, as it will be built within a flood zone.

We have worked our entire lives to live on, and own a part of our paradise, Alligator Point. We don’t want to lose it and see it destroyed, for nothing, absolutely nothing, other than personal greed. We are not ignorant, dumb or uninformed; no citizen of Franklin County should be asked to sacrifice what is the most important part of their lives, their homes. Our commissioners have always protected us, their citizens.

Honorable commissioners, please, for all of us on Alligator Point, and for all of our Franklin County family, help us protect what is the dearest to us, our homes and lifestyle. Please don’t ask us to watch the destruction of our homes; please don’t ask us to sacrifice our homes and land so a few individuals can profit. Please vote No to the oyster hatchery and zoning change.

Thank you,

Steve Fling