This is a letter to the editor

The Nov. 7 Times article "Commissioners weigh trimming city manager power" contained a quote from Commissioner Brenda Ash criticizing the "strong mayor" form of government and suggesting that some wanted that for Apalachicola.

But the "strong mayor" form doesn't exist under the city charter.

For many decades until 2018, the city operated under the "Commission" form of government, where each of the five elected officials (including the mayor) had an equal vote, and the commission as a whole – not the mayor – had final authority over hiring and firing. In fact, that is also known as a "weak mayor" form of government.

Last year the city changed the form of government to the "Commission-Manager Plan," giving new powers to a city manager, and taking them away from the five elected commissioners.

The city commission has discussed going back to the "Commission" form of government, nothing more.

Kevin Begos