Neighbors, it’s time to wake up and smell the roses, our Alligator Point life is coming to its end.

We are all witnessing the end of Alligator Point. Developers, in order to “pad their pockets” are going forward with the greatest permanent destruction of Alligator Point. If the zoning change they have proposed, C-3 to C-1, with the oyster hatchery is implemented, then Alligator Point will be changed forever. Alligator Point will change from the beautiful neighborhood community that we all love, to an ugly, smelly, noisy industrial park. We’ll never hear the surf again, or enjoy the serene nighttime quiet, no more stargazing, and no more swimming in the bay. We can look forward to driving on Alligator Point dodging the new commercial traffic, enjoying the open dumpsters, admiring the vultures feeding, this will be our new neighborhood, and brought to us by… “$$$.”

The sobering thought is the oyster hatchery is just the beginning of the complete death of Alligator Point as we know it. With the new zoning, additional seafood businesses will move into our neighborhood, there will be no doubt about the complete defilement and desecration of our once-beautiful community.

There will be no hiding this obscenity; its location in the old KOA Campground will make it the showcase of Alligator Point. When we drive on Alligator Point we'll have to look at it, hear it, and smell it. Our home values will decrease, our lifestyle will disintegrate, and our safety will be jeopardized. Alligator Point, as we know and love, will be gone forever.

Yes, after further research I am totally opposed to this destruction of Alligator Point. The entire premise presented to us is a complete farce… “Breeding oysters using our Alligator Harbor water gives the baby oysters a better survival rate in our Alligator Harbor.” This has never been established or proven; it’s nothing but a theory. “No pollution will be pumped back into the Alligator Harbor.” False, there will be containments. If the algae that is the food for the spats (baby oysters) gets into our harbor, an algae bloom is possible which could destroy the entire bay. When the spat nursery tanks are cleaned… with bleach, muriatic acid, and alcohol, where will they dispose of the waste? We know nothing even approaching the truth about this development.

For the preservation of Alligator Point and St. Teresa I would please ask our honorable county commission to stop this development. The destruction that it will cause far outweighs any benefits.


Steve Fling