A letter to the editor

In response to the recent letter from a new disgruntled library patron (See Times Oct. 10 “No behavior befitting a library”), “I guess it is possible to have a bad day at the library.” I have always enjoyed our Carrabelle branch through a succession of librarians. Each has been polite and helpful, working diligently to provide a variety of programs, lectures, demonstrations, and new books on a very tight budget. The limited resources perhaps don’t extend to a subscription to the WSJ; Mr. Kelleher, you might consider a home online subscription.

Every community library is crucial and relevant. Where would each of us be if we had not learned how to read? Reading, writing, and enjoying our language (English, Flemish, Spanish, whatever it may be) are the basic building blocks of communication. These important tools allow us each to make the distinction between “stupid” and “ignorant.” We each are born in a state of ignorance – without any knowledge. Stupid is when one chooses to stay ignorant instead of opening one’s mind constantly.

Cigarette smokers and their smoke are everywhere and impossible to avoid because it’s a legal habit. I don’t smoke and try to avoid the odor, yet I have never seen a “cloud” of noxious smoke at the library entrance. I always wish to say to my favorite librarians “Do you know what you’re doing to your health?” But these are decision-making adults and I don’t have the right to interfere.

I hope your next visit to either the Carrabelle or Eastpoint branches is more enjoyable for you. Try a visit to the wonderful Wakulla library, covered on your card. Make sure you say “hello” to the gorgeous hens; they love attention!

Every library I have ever visited is a treasured resource; my library card is the most valuable card in my wallet. Keep up the good work, Carrabelle!

Leslie Stuart