The furor over illegal immigration is not the real problem, but the symptom of the deep-seated rift tearing at this great nation. Should America radically change or continue to have faith in how it is working?

There must be a respectful point of balance where all Americans can equally, respectfully and proudly accept their president, military, police and law. Americans must recognize who we are and the path traveled through history to be where we are now. Americans will never accept or use hate as a basis for change and certainly not through mob violence. Truth, through freedom and liberty, has set this country on its hard-fought, historical course, requiring much sacrifice.

The true path for America lies within itself, its law, its history and its people. The "full meal deal" of America's unique and unrivaled historical constitution and government has worked better and longer than anywhere else in the world. All Americans need to continue to work out their differences through the respect of law and the American political process. This will enable America and all its people to come together, heal and prosper once more.

Gene Enos, Eugene