What happened to The Register-Guard's coverage of the June 30 gathering in Eugene to protest the current administration’s racist and illegal round-up, forced separation of families and internment and imprisonment without due process? What was a reporter's or police officer's headcount of participants? Which speakers spoke, and what letterswere  read? Was anyone from The R-G actually there?

Sunday's front page had a lower-right column with no photos, and no other page had local photos or interviews with participants. Has Sinclair-type bias or censorship silenced such coverage? An AP national news piece with no visual evidence of our peaceful community’s dissent is not what most of us want and need from our local newspaper.

Two balancing notes: The newspaper's editorials usually seem fair-minded to me; also, local organizers and alternative media could have gotten the word out better (but thank you to hard-working grassroots individuals). I also hope at future demonstrations to see more visible presence of student, faith and civil rights organizations, as well as businesses.

We all must speak, and we must make ourselves heard.

Carol Watt, Eugene