Immigration advocates will not resolve this problem by begging and appealing to selfish people. There are 1 billion people on the American continents; one-third of them are in the United States.

Why is letting everybody come an attack upon the symptoms, not the root problems?

This problem is rather complex. It originates with three interconnected and interdependent sources of pressure squeezing people into impossible situations. The root problems are: drug cartel violence, bad free trade agreements and unwanted interventions which our military has been dishing out throughout our country’s history.

But a solution hides under this. America’s military could, if directed, eject the poisoned fruit from the drug trade: its illegality. People will absolutely never be talked out of their love affair with drugs — it's not going to happen. If leaders are there to fulfill the wishes of their constituents, then they should direct our strength to destroy the monopoly cartels that drive immigrants into the U.S.

If people don't want this compromise, then they shouldn't complain about “the illegals” or of our government's treatment of them.

David Ivan Piccioni, Eugene