With Hayward Field’s 1921 grandstand, we can still discuss what is still not precluded. Reconstruct a large enough section of the grandstand in the projected track and field museum so that people can get a full-scale sense of what it was like to be where Bill Bowerman sat. Indeed, create a few places — from the actual material of the stand — for visitors and alumni to sit to physically get the idea of "back in the day" as "the day" keeps moving further and further away.

Create a beautiful photo essay of the moods, structure and details of the grandstand. Make a significant part of the museum itself of some of the timbers and better-preserved fabric of the stadium. Incorporate some of the structural components of the Hayward grandstand in a symbolic domain at Civic Stadium, recalling the nature of Old Civic of 1938.

Enough of the stands can be reserved for some or all of these and this can be made independent of the time frames of getting ready for the world events. The important thing is to move far enough past tokenism to genuinely move us.

Scott Wylie, Springfield