Alice Jean Anderson (Gibbs), award-winning artist and teacher, New York Powers’ fashion model, Coca Cola icon and Rockette dancer passed award in her sleep at her Prado Cottage home on Sunday, March 8, 2020.

Born in Chicago on Feb. 12, 1917 to father John Anderson, from Norway, and mother Myrtle Tennbruen, from Holland, Alice started her professional dancing and modeling career in Chicago, moving as a teenager to New York. There she met and married Jack Vinocur, an accomplished pianist and orchestra leader, who was born and trained in Russia.

After living in Miami, she became a resident of Apalachicola, where she lived for over 30 years.

Alice Jean is survived locally by her two daughters, Carol Harris, and architect and preservationist Lynn Wilson and husband, airline executive Bill Spohrer, and her grandson thespian and gallery manager Scott Wilson.

Other devoted family members are grandson Larry Wilson, his daughters Shelby and Morgan Wilson and their children Isabel and Lucas Hernandez Wilson; grandchildren Douglas Swanson, Linette Holmstock, Piper Graham and her sons Hampton and Preston, and their granddad Dennis Swanson; great-grandchildren Brett Davis, Savannah Bogle, and Bryant Swanson; and great-great- grandchildren Ayden and Rylee Davis and Valerie Rose Bogle.

Alice Jean will be remembered by her many devoted students and friends, by her beautiful paintings shown in local galleries and donated to various charities. She will rest beside her granddaughter Alysia Wilson in the Memorial Garden adjacent to Trinity Episcopal Church, where she and local members of her family have been members for 30 years.

A reception will be held to honor Alice’s rewarding life. In lieu of flowers, an Alice Jean Art Scholarship has been created that will be awarded yearly to a graduating student. Both will be announced in the near future.