In support of our community, Franklin's Promise Coalition is developing a list of local folks who are 65 years of age and older and may need a little assistance during this quarantine period. In normal circumstances, our area's strongest volunteers are these folks, but now it is our time to do the footwork to support them through this crisis.

Based on the recent State Surgeon General request for those most vulnerable to "Stay at Home," we know some folks may need a little help to secure groceries, prescriptions, and/or other basic needs.

So if you are in this group and think you may need help, we request that you complete this survey.

We will organize volunteers supported by our Conservation Corps members to set up a system to address each households individual needs (within our available resources).

If you are 65+ and would like to volunteer from home, you could assist by conducting daily wellness calls. If you are not 65+ and would like to assist, just email us at If you have questions, call 653-3930.

This short survey will create our LOVE 65 LIST. This information will not be shared with anyone outside of our administrative staff.