Seniors are often identified as the most vulnerable members of our population. As we continue battling for some and riding it out for others this invisible enemy COVID-19, our seniors are being attacked at a very alarming rate. So as a community we must band together to protect and care for them.

Along with a host of others, the Elder Care Community Council (ECCC) and its alliance of volunteers and community partners are joining this effort. Our efforts include weekly wellness check calls, and weekly food distribution. We thank those partners who have been so crucial in our mission and we invite any others who would like to make donations or volunteer.

"The mission of ECCC has always been to be a champion and an advocate to our seniors and this call to action is just another way we can continue to be of service," said Val Webb, president of ECCC.

During this time we would also like to continue to be a conduit for helpful resources. So please share this information about the United Way’s COVID-19 Community Relief Fund. They will help with bills, rent, and food. You can call (866) 211-9966 and provide zip code and will be given a list of local agencies that provide assistance.

If you are interested in participating, donating, volunteering or partnering with us, you can contact ECCC at or 370-0116. Please visit our Facebook pages Holy Family Senior Center and ECCC-E Triple C to stay informed on the latest outreach efforts.