The century-old legacy of women’ suffrage in America, and the most contemporary expression of women’s art, blended together Saturday at the Apalachicola Center for History, Culture and the Arts.

A complimentary reception, followed by a ticketed performance by New York City cabaret artist Valerie diLorenzo of a “Ladies of Liberty” concert, kicked off a Celebration of Women in Art exhibit that runs at the HCA through Thursday, March.

sAndrea Amison, Kristin Anderson, Beth Appleton, Marylou Athorn, Peg Brown, Denise Callaghan, Renee Champion, Catherine Christie, Joyce Estes, Anna Feil, Kathy Ferrell, Marcie Fuerschbak, Debbie Hooper, Jane Howard, Nancy Jones, Joan Kanan, Jane Kirk, Joan Matey, Jilly Michaels, Vicki Norman, Jenny Odom, Michelle Palmer, Judy Soprano, Shari Stahler and Carol Weyrich.