The Franklin Education Foundation was recently awarded a matching grant from the Florida Education Consortium to fund teacher supply closets at the district’s two public schools.

Recognizing teachers spend a great deal of their personal money to buy much-needed items, the local foundation was pleased to offer assistance with this.

“As a teacher in Franklin County for 40 years now, I know that by second semester, most of the basic items purchased when school started in August have all been used and teachers now have to dig into their own pockets to buy materials for their class and for their students,” said Elinor Mount-Simmons, foundation chairman, in making the check presentations.

“Our foundation is delighted to offer teachers this money to replenish supplies,” she said.

The amount allocated to each school is based on population and a specific formula devised by the state consortium. FEF received $11,854.53 to be used as a matching grant. Franklin County Schools put forth $8,653.81 in funds, and will be allowed to make purchases totaling $17,307.62. The Apalachicola Bay Charter School put forth $3,200.72 and will be allowed to make purchases totaling $6,401.44.

Teachers at both schools previously submitted wish lists in anticipation of the grant being awarded, and now that the funding is in place, they are excitedly preparing their orders.

The Franklin Education Foundation, a community-based organization, started in Franklin County several years ago, but most recently went through a major restructuring. Members of the community are encouraged to join FEF and help them support our county’s education community. They meet monthly on the third Thursday at the school district’s conference room. For additional information, send an email to