Bevin Lynn Putnal served for two decades on the county commission.

With the passage last month at the state convention of the Florida Democratic Party, delegates from across the state honored the life and legacy of the late county commissioner Bevin Putnal.

A resolution proposed by Ryan Terrell, who is seeking the Democratic nomination to run for Florida House District #7 next year, commemorated Putnal’s service on the county commission from 1992 to 2012. He passed away on March 30.

The resolution, introduced by Carol Barfield, chair of the Franklin County Democratic Executive Committee, recognized Putnal “as a strong defender of our Florida seafood industry and for the conservation and protection of the Apalachicola Bay.

“The Florida Democratic Party shall make every effort to reach out to the surviving members of his family and share our gratitude of his service with them,” it read.

The resolution was among several considered by the delegates who gathered Oct. 12-13 at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort at Lake Buena Vista for the bi-annual convention where they mapped out plans for 2020.

Terrell celebrated the passage of this tribute by noting “the commissioner’s long service was not forgotten by the party and that his legacy will continue to live on in a new generation of conservationists and environmental leaders. I hope that the commissioner can rest in peace knowing that his life brought inspiration and meaning to so many people in the state.”