The latest FWC report

During the week of Sept. 13 to 26, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission Lt. Marlow and Officers Nelson and Raker were on patrol approximately 15 miles offshore in federal waters of the Gulf of Mexico south of Franklin County aboard the offshore patrol vessel Intrepid. They stopped a recreational vessel and located gray triggerfish and red snapper out of season. Some of the triggerfish were undersized, as were gag grouper that were found. The appropriate action was taken for the violations.

Marlow and Officers Nelson, Travis and Hartzog were on patrol approximately 65 miles offshore in the Gulf of Mexico just north of the Middle Grounds aboard the Intrepid, when they stopped a commercial vessel and conducted an inspection. Upon approach, the officers saw the captain run to the starboard side and quickly move to each of the vessel’s starboard reels. The officers saw fish parts sinking in the water and both starboard reels had their lines cut at the reel. The officers boarded the vessel and located cut-up reef fish on the port reels the captain identified as red grouper. The appropriate action was taken for the violations.

Officer Kossey was patrolling the Carrabelle River when he witnessed two subjects fishing, and conducted a resource inspection. He found the subjects in possession of two undersized trout and one undersized red fish. The subjects were cited, and the fish seized as evidence.

Officers L. Mcleod and Swindell were patrolling the Gulf of Mexico when they saw a boat actively engaged in fishing. They conducted a resource inspection and found the occupants in possession of an undersized gag grouper, scamp, and banded rudder fish. The operator was cited and the fish seized.

During the week of Aug. 2 to 8, Officers McLeod and Travis were working in the area of the Lanark Boat Ramp, when they conducted a fisheries inspection on a vessel returning from fishing. During the inspection they discovered a hidden compartment in the floor of the vessel with 26 red snapper. The red snapper was seized and entered into evidence, and the subjects on the boat cited for possession of red snapper during closed season.

McLeod and Travis were working near Eastpoint when they saw a subject pulling crab traps. They contacted the subject and found he had multiple violations relating to crabbing. The traps were not marked correctly, and he had too many traps for a recreational crabber. The subject was cited accordingly.

Officers Clark and Kossey were working near Dog Island Reef when they saw a boat returning from fishing. They boarded the boat and conducted a fisheries inspection. Kossey discovered a cooler containing two undersized and out-of-season gag grouper. The captain of the vessel was cited for the violation and the fish were seized and entered into evidence.