I have read several letters regarding the gun (shooting) range located near the Franklin County Humane Society. I was particularly interested in those that referenced the TV sets, beer cans and trash. I have personally visited the gun range on two consecutive Fridays, looking for these bullet-ridden TV sets; my father used to own a TV dealership, so I knew what I was looking for. I also had a veteran friend with me that drinks beer and he has a keen eye for beer cans. Much to our chagrin, there we no TV sets and no beer cans. Oh yes, there was trash present and it was easy to see, all piled up there in that green trash can.

How about all of that lead that will leak into the water, as was recently elucidated? I guess we had better close Gettysburg National Park and all other Civil War sites. That is about as ridiculous a statement as, "What about all that concentrated canine urine leaking into the water ahead of the dissolved lead?"

So why don't we honestly debate the gun range / humane society location issue as it really is? I understand that gunfire is not desirable for the animals. I understand that the gun range was there first, and the society willfully located there. Whether it was 30 years ago or yesterday does not negate that). Closing or impeding the gun range is not something that fair-minded Americans would embrace. That would be like building an orphanage near a busy airport, then complaining that engine noise keeps the children awake. Also, it is a fact that more animals are killed at humane society locations that euthanize than are killed at a gun range! A true fact, but another ridiculous argument.

So on both sides of the issue, let's stick to the facts as they are and maybe, just maybe, we can do something that has fallen out of fashion - compromise. Or if not, let me know when the old refrigerators are there and I will assemble all of the "Pistol Parrots of the Forgotten Coast."

Mikel Tuten