Regarding the shooting range and the Franklin County Humane Society (See Oct. 3 Times ‘County weighs relocating gun range”), my personal preference would be to close the gun range due to the fact that humans have already subjected the caged animals, located in the shelter nearby, to abandonment, mistreatment and unthinkable abuse. The gun range next door is a continuation of stress to these animals and poses a safety threat to the shelter employees and volunteers

I understand that the county donated the land 30 years ago and that did not seem to be a problem by the proximity to the shelter at that time, but 30 years appears to have not bode well with the human race’s civilities to animals or other humans.

If the gun range remains, this might be a solution for the future:

Set up work camper on property, as gate keeper/custodian, little cost to county
Regulate hours 8 a.m. until 4 p.m.
No alcohol allowed
Sign in and show ID
Only paper targets and plywood allowed to be brought onto range as targets.
Custodian/work camper duties are not to enforce the posted rules but to call authorities if not followed.

Before the outcry of gun owners, let me say I fully support gun ownership and gun rights. I do not, however, support disrespectful persons who abuse those rights and county property.


Mrs. Larry Lynn

Carrabelle Beach