The sheriff’s department is arresting drug dealers and users like never before. They also are running a “fresh start” program to help former drug users and pushers recover, and become honestly and honorably employed. Excellent work!

However, crack either made, stored, or smoked in a dwelling can contaminate the structure and cause lasting, permanent health damage to anyone living there. Unlike many states, Florida has no statewide law that requires the clean-up of such a contaminated structure before it’s sold or rented to another. As a rule, I don’t see any cleanup being performed on the drug houses in Franklin County. With our current housing market they are essentially always occupied while still being contaminated, often by families with children. Even if they are not occupied, they are simply abandoned and left as health hazards to blight the neighborhood.

This is indefensible. We need a county ordinance to require cleanup or demolition of unsafe structures. I suspect such an ordinance already exists, and it’s the county’s lack of enforcement that is the issue. This should be an easy fix.

Gary Carroll