My name is Amy Rowland Hersey and I ran as a candidate to be Apalachicola mayor. In answer to the unfounded allegations by candidate Webb you quoted in your article of Sept. 19 (See “Some see red over city seal”), let it be known that:

- I filed my intent to run March 22, 2019 with the city clerk
- I established my treasury March 22, 2019 with Centennial Bank
- I appointed a treasurer on March 22, 2019
- The Franklin County Supervisor of Elections advised me that once I had completed the above steps I could openly campaign to the public, collect contributions and spend money on my campaign.
- I had all mandatory disclosures on all signs from day one.
- I qualified with the city on June 26, 2019 at high noon.

In addition, I have never had a conversation with Valentina Webb about her use of the city seal that implied endorsement to her candidacy.

Amy Rowland Hersey