I am supporting Kevin Begos for mayor and here's why.

Kevin has a clear understanding of the complex financial issues facing our city. He has put forth detailed plans and solutions for dealing with many of those issues. He brings prior business, legislative and financial experience to the table.

He will bring a fresh perspective to a barrage of problems that have plagued the city for years. He has declared that he will work full-time for the city, not split his time between multiple commitments.

Kevin has no conflicts of interest. He will also donate his salary as mayor to charity. He will be a fresh voice. Not part of Main Street or the status quo.

His opponent was elected to the city commission and served only one term. Why did the citizenry not elect her for a second term? In fact, Mayor Van Johnson wrote in 2009 that “Webb's apparent inability to decide whether she’s serious about seeking a second term has left officials in a state of bewilderment.” Webb ultimately lost the election 471 to 247.

Kevin’s opponent also has very close ties to the current administration. An administration that has dragged the city into substantial debt, conducted much of the city's business behind closed doors and denied citizens input.

I question her support of the current city manager, who has demonstrated very poor judgment in choosing to have a relationship with a city employee and made a glaring error in not picking up the fact that payments had not been made to the CRA fund since 2015! I'm sorry; this is neither professional nor ethical behavior.

As we head into the runoff election, I believe an important question to ask ourselves is this: Do we want four more years of reckless business as usual? Or do we want a fresh pair of eyes, a new voice, and experienced leadership?

To me the choice is clear. Kevin Begos for Mayor.

Liz Early