Members of the Seahawk cross country team, under the direction of coach Kati-Morgan Hathcock, set a flurry of season bests at Saturday’s Dueling Summits, formerly the Cougar Challenge, at Tallahassee’s Phipps Park.

In the 5,000 meter run, the girls team was led with a time of 29:11.37, set by freshman Adia Barber, who finished 103rd. Behind here, in 30:56.06 was sophomore Marlee Tucker, who finished 123rd overall.

Finishing in 31:38.63 was junior Lydia Strickland, and in 31:40.55 was freshman Alondra Jimenez, good enough for 131st and 132nd respectively.

With a time of 35:22.01, sophomore Eva Strickland finished 174th and in 36:47.40 junior Makayla Varner was 187th

Among the boys, junior Francisco Juan led the team, with a 116th place finish with a time of 22:21.59. With a time of 23:06.96, junior Austin Gray was 139th and with a time of 26:08.57, sophomore Michael Square was 212th.

Not far behind, with a time of 26:19.23 was senior Ayden Pearson, in 215th place, following in 27:28.00 by senior Levi Bilbo, who finished 233rd.

In 274th place, with a time of 31:24.20 was sophomore Alex Itzkovitz, ahead of the 33:56.59 time set by freshman Jacob Carroll, who was 86th . Freshman Arav Patel’s time of 40:00.55 placed him in 296th place.

The middle schoolers who ran the 3,000 meter race were led by eighth grader Reece Juno, who finished 13th with a time of 12:11.40.

Running in 16:07.37 was sixth grader Sean Gray, good enough for 103rd, followed by a 17:23.80 time set by seventh grader Shlok Patel, who finished 121st. In 124th place, with a time of 17:32.31 was sixth grader Owen Juno.