What is wrong with three out of five of our county commissioners?

They continually choose to go out of county to hire with no regard to applicants that have a vested interest here in Franklin County. This not only refers to the director’s position, but even when part-time employees were hired. It seems ridiculous that one of these is being paid by the county to read or be on her iPad. What a waste of county money!

Why non-county employees, with no library education, are to oversee our libraries is beyond me, especially the Carrabelle branch which is county-owned. Being with the advisory board or the Friends are not qualifications! Maybe it's past time for the commissioners to realize that due to the recommendations of an unnecessary advisory board, our libraries have had four directors in a short amount of time, using Franklin County as a steppingstone while treating the Carrabelle library as a secondhand stepchild!

I love our libraries and have been involved with the Carrabelle library for 12-plus years, but it is evident that some of our commissioners and our county coordinator have no idea about the good deeds and the services that these libraries do for our residents.

Sharon Rider