If it ain’t broke don’t fix it, was something I have heard all my life.

This comes to mind with recent conversations about moving the Lanark location of Franklin County Emergency Ambulance Station, now located two blocks off U.S. 98 just four miles east of Carrabelle and a quarter-mile from a heliport, into the west side of Carrabelle. With a cost factor of over $150,000 to build another building.

Why should citizens be concerned? Well, if you understand that Eastpoint has emergency ambulance service, covering our western part of the county. Moving the EMS station further west, potentially into Carrabelle, would be out of balance for our residents in eastern Franklin County, like Alligator Point, St Teresa, SummerCamp, St James, and further away from our most vulnerable citizens at St. James Rehab where a minute more could mean life or death.

Other than petty squabbles between the St. James-Lanark Volunteer Fire Department and the EMS, there is no logical reason to spend over $150,000 of Franklin County’s taxpayer monies on a whim.

Read the last commission meeting minutes and see for yourself that the commission’s logic is and I quote. “We have always intended to move it.”

The response time and building at the current location, for services rendered, meets all safety requirements. What is the point here? Who benefits? Not the Franklin County taxpayers.

There are more pressing problems in our community that $150,000 to fix something that is not broken could be spent on.

You have fixable problems that will not cost over a hundred thousand dollars to fix. “Fix them,” don’t buy your way out of the fiduciary and financial responsibility you have to the residents of Franklin County.


Mrs. Larry Lynn

Lanark Beach