In the last nine years, concealed weapons permit have more than doubled in Franklin County.

Also, as of June 30, there were 1,159 valid licenses issued to Franklin County residents, more than twice the number in 2012, when there were just 532, according to Max Flugrath, press s for Nikki Fried, commissioner of the Florida Departmnent of Agriculture & Consumer Services.

In 2013, the number climbed a little to 566, and then by June 30, 2014, it was up to 627.

It started to pick up the next year, and by June 30, 2015 it was at 702. A year later it had grown even more, to 806, and by June 30, 2017 it was at 896.

It zoomed the next year, by more than 150, to 1,047, and now is at record totals.