Amanda Weir, vacationing with her family last week at Apalachicola's Water Street Hotel, was throwing baitfish back into the water when a brown pelican came to their boat and tried to eat one but it fell out of its pouch, due to a large hole on the right side of it. The family later spotted the bird at Scipio Creek Marina as well. “It will come right up to you,” she wrote in an email. “It was begging for fish at the hotel dock, at a cleaning station next to the gas pumps at Scipio Creek, and it was trying to get fish scraps near a dumpster.”

Weir said the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission may send someone to look at it, but they cannot help if the bird can fly, and that Pelican Harbor Seabird Station in Miami said it could probably be netted by luring with fish. Weir has returned home, but if you can assist with the situation, email her at