Because the revised Serenity Resort PUD ordinance, which comes up in public hearing this Tuesday, July 16 at 1:30 p.m. does not address our previously submitted concerns, we have resubmitted the following to all parties.

The area where Serenity Resort in Eastpoint is under consideration is an area of critical concern to the community. While we have always supported a hotel as needed for Eastpoint, and appreciate the developer’s intent, we did not anticipate a resort of this size.

We are requesting that the developer consider our concerns, as what happens here and now will set a precedent for the future. We would appreciate the developers respect for our community, which was established in 1896. We were here First and did not move into a commercial neighborhood, but a residential one full of natural beauty.

We respectfully submit our concerns for consideration as follows:

1. The proposed density is too great on this land and should be decreased, not increased. This was the opinion of 95 citizens who sent emails to our county commissioners opposing the project. Only 11 sent emails in favor! The decrease in density could be accomplished by removing the bungalows alongside South Bayshore Drive in the curve, which would also allow for a deeper buffer along the residential road.

2. Leave 100 feet of forest buffer along South Bayshore. This will contribute to preserving the wetlands and our Florida Scenic Highway, as well as the integrity of the residential neighborhood which respects the current R-2 zoning, as well as enhance the beauty of the resort. If this buffer is not in place before construction begins, residents and visitors will face years of an unsightly and noisy construction site.

3. Remove all reference to a road connecting to South Bayshore Drive from the site plan in the final ordinance.

4. Because we are certain traffic leaving the resort on Island Drive will turn right to the Y, and then right to South Bayshore if going west, we request the following signs be constructed on resort property at the exit directing tourists as follows:

• Turn Left To Apalachicola

• Turn Right to St. George Island

• No Right Turn to Apalachicola

5. If the resort entrance remains located so close to the Y and the bridge, it will cause even more traffic congestion than there now. There will be potentially 200 cars related to the resort on weekends, holidays, and during summer high season (usually two cars per family). The neighborhood cannot handle this. Begonia Street is the obvious connection to the resort as an alternate exit. At the present time the infrastructure is not satisfactory, and Begonia must be extended to the resort and repaired. The developers will be responsible for the costs incurred, not the taxpayers of Franklin County.

6. Bungalows are to be built on site and there will be no mobile homes. They will not include kitchens and will remain part of the hotel, not to be sold to individuals separately in the future.

7. Absolutely no fires or fire pits permitted on the resort property. We have to avoid another fire in Eastpoint, as one spreads quickly in our unpredictable winds.

Laverne R. Holman

Susan Antekeier