This month, the Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council presented its 2018 Law Enforcement Officer of the Year Award to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission’s (FWC) Lt. Jason Marlow.

The award acknowledges work above and beyond duty requirements and recognizes distinguished service, professionalism and dedication to enforcing federal fishing regulations in the Gulf of Mexico.

Most of Marlow’s work during his 20-year career has been in the Gulf of Mexico. His mentorship, passion for marine resource conservation, inspiring attitude, subject matter expertise and work ethic set him apart.

He and his team continue to prioritize federal fisheries enforcement. They focus on red snapper conservation, shrimp net Turtle Excluder Device work and more.

“Lt. Marlow has received a great honor,” said FWC Capt. Scott Pearce. “We are proud of his work, and to be a part of the strong partnerships positively impacting the marine fisheries community and conservation of fisheries in the Gulf of Mexico.”

Marlow is supervisor for the Offshore Patrol Vessel (OPV) program in the Northwest Region, overseeing six OPV team members within the region. They have the responsibility of three large offshore platforms – the Guardian, the Vigilance and the Fincat. Marlow is tasked with coordinating patrols and assisting with details of these vessels, strategically placed throughout the region.

Marlow is also the Officer in Charge (OIC) on the vessel operated out of Carrabelle, the 45-foot Guardian. There he directs the activities of the two OPV team members assigned to the vessel, and ensures the safe operation, readiness and maintenance of the vessel and associated equipment.

Offshore patrol vessels are capable of working in state and federal waters, which can include patrols of up to 100 miles offshore. Marlow and his team prioritize federal fisheries enforcement, focusing on red snapper conservation, shrimp net Turtle Excluder Device work and more. The OPV teams also assist with search-and-rescues and checking commercial and recreational fishing boats to ensure compliance.