It was a homecoming of sorts earlier this month when the Apalachicola Center for History, Culture and the Arts opened a month-long exhibit of the mixed media works of homegrown artist Anna Feil.

The center at 86 Water Street was filled with art enthusiasts who welcomed Feil and her 13-year-old daughter Pearl. Together with husband Michael, who several years back operated Café Momi at the Gibson Inn, the family now lives in San Diego, California.

Feil, daughter of Shaun Donahue and Paula Stanley, attended Apalachicola High School, and went on to the Savannah College of Art and Design, the same school where Merrill Livingstone, who directs the HCA, and Marissa Getter, an ABC School teacher who was on hand for the reception, also went.

Feil greeted old friends and talked one-on-one with many of the attendees who drank in her brightly colored works, inspired by female artists and influenced by the German Expressionist painters of the ‘20s, who emphasized the artist’s vivid inner feelings, and not realistic details, in the faces, bodies and shapes of their images.

She draws on vintage relics of the past, even vintage fabrics, and incorporates such times into a kind of collage on the campus, consisting of some oil and encaustic, but for the most part acrylics.

“There’s even one with marine boat paint on it,” Feil said. “A lot is just my imagination.”

The “Paradise Found” exhibit runs through July 13. For more info, visit or call 653-1458.