My dearest mother Pauline

I miss you so much, Mama. There was so many days when I felt I wouldn’t make because God had taken you home with Him. Mama you always worried about us, especially knowing you were sick. But whenever there was a revival in town, at any church, you took us all there with you. Black opr white church, ti doesn’t matter. Mama, whenever lfie seems hard for me, I will see your smiling face and know you were watching over me. I know you are proud of me, Mama, because when I was walking down the aisle to get my diploma, I heard a loud voice saying “You go Jazz. That’s my baby.” And I looked around, I saw your face smiling and felt your kiss on my cheek, and you told me how proud you were of me, that I have a scholarship and am going to college.

Mama, I made it because of your love. You are my inspiration, Mama. Thanks for watching over us. I will always hold you in my heart. I love you Mama forever.

Your loving daughter,

Jazmyne Farmer

Class of 2019