ED Corps capped off their third year with a celebration of its students’ successes Wednesday, May 29 in the Willie Speed board room at the Franklin County School District offices.

Fifteen students who successfully earned high school credits during the 2018-19 school year were presented certificates, encouraging words and special incentives from the program’s school-based and community stakeholders.

Also acknowledged were three students -Ethan Frazier, Ethan Riley and Wendy Raybon - who had completed all their high school credits and graduated this school year.

The brief program was led by Joe Taylor, executive director of Franklin’s Promise, the umbrella of ED Corps, who welcomed those on hand to support the students. Attending and enthusiastically supporting the ED Corps students were Superintendent Traci Moses, ED Corps’ Principal Sue Summers and other administrative staffers, Franklin County’s Rotary Club members, led by Cliff Butler, Danny Collins, community relation manager for Duke Energy, Franklin’s Promise board members and staff, Conservation Corps members, ED Corps staff James Foster, Elinor Mount-Simmons, and Jeanette Taylor, as well as students and faculty of Franklin County School’s middle school alternative program.

ED Corps, the educational component of the Conservative Corps of the Forgotten Coast, an affiliate of Franklin’s Promise, began working with our community’s youth August 2016. Initially housed on the campus of the former Apalachicola High School, it moved to the former Brown Elementary School campus in Eastpoint last summer.

The program offers a non-traditional route for high school-aged students to seek their diploma using a computer-based instructional format, as well as hands-on modules and life-skills programs that enhance their academic learning. Under contract with the school district, ED Corps began working with the school district’s high school alternative program in Nov. 2017.

The end-of-year celebration concluded with a special presentation to Summers, acknowledging her retirement at the closing of this school year, followed by lunch where everyone enjoyed a festive atmosphere in the lunchroom and a delicious meal of fried chicken with all the fixings.