We have been told that Apalachicola “cannot afford itself.” To the contrary, we cannot afford the ‘we’ve always done it this way” method of operations that is followed by the current administration using incompetent budgeting tactics. No fat has been cut from our budget. No one seems to understand how tax monies should have been prioritized. No future financial planning has been responsibly prepared.

Do you, as a taxpaying citizen, know where and how your monies are really being spent? For example, did you know that city auditors were Not Provided With Financial Records As Needed to properly complete their work? Why could city officials not reveal where city tax monies have gone?

We cannot move forward successfully without recognizing the past failures that have been perpetrated by current municipal leaders.

What the city of Apalachicola needs is transparency in government on behalf of the taxpayers whose financial contributions support that government. Taxpayers deserve accountability and good future planning, not more of the same budgeting irresponsibility. It has been proven that if there is no real understanding of the financial mistakes, they will be repeated, as has been the pattern for too long in Apalachicola.

The financial carelessness and ineptitudes of our current administration have come home to roost. We must make a responsible change in those officials to help guarantee fiscal accountability and good business practices for our city’s future. Otherwise, the business of our city will continue to fail us all.

We voters and taxpayers deserve better!

Amy S. Hersey

Editor's note: This letterwriter is a declared candidate for mayor of Apalachicola.