As a longtime homeowner on South Bayshore Drive in Eastpoint, I am writing to express my concern over a proposed Planned Unit Development (PUD) ordinance to be heard at 1:30 p.m. this Tuesday, May 21 by the county commission.

This PUD allows a 40-room hotel and 60 bungalows, plus 44 houses in the $225,000 range and common area amenities on 55 acres, 30 of which will now become commercial.

The property is on South Bayshore and Island Drive. The original zoning of this parcel (in place when the developer bought it) provided for 10 acres zoned commercial and 47 acres zoned R2 allowing one home or mobile home per acre with septic, possibly more with sewers.

The R2 area along South Bayshore was in keeping with our residential neighborhood and our street which is a designated scenic byway and adjacent to wetlands bayside.

I cannot understand why our officials would approve this PUD, abandoning our residential area and county rules. I ask the county commission to take time to rewrite the PUD, providing for protection for the surrounding environment and neighborhood.

I would prefer no PUD, but rather that the developers apply for land use and zoning changes to be publicly discussed specifically.

This kind of high-density does not belong in this environmentally sensitive spot in a residential neighborhood.

Passing this PUD sets a bad precedent for future changes to our county land use and zoning rules.

Concerned residents please contact commissioners and attend the meeting, because what happens next affects everyone in our county.

Thank you.

Susan Antekeier